The sugar and ethanol industry in Brazil


This post is aimed at understanding the structure of the sugar and ethanol industry all over the world with a more focused gaze in Brazil. The question on my mind is: what if we go increasing resolution from the global level to the local level (in Brazil)? Ok. First we will start with the sugar production (click the image to go to original website).

Source: Statista (click on the image)

From the 195 countries in the world today(1), 121 produce sugar. What is the role played by Brazil in this market? And what are the consequences for the smaller producers? These and other questions are going to be discussed here, beginning with this post.

Here is the world (click the image to go to original website):

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We are all one


Using Python for Agent-based modeling – the beginning of a quest of a Windows 7 Enterprise user (in 8 steps)

First challenge: Figure out how to install it in the university computer. I have gone through some comes and goes… but here I am going to explain straightforwardly – to save your time.

Procedure bellow

1. Go to ==> Put the mouse of “Downloads” ==> Get the newer version (in my case 3.6.0 – and it is worth to mention that MESA only runs on versions >= 3) ==> Run the exe file “python-3.6.0.exe”
Python installed.
But it is not enough. You now need the “pip” in order to be able to install the Agent-based-modelling application. And it is done through the command
window from the windows. Everything you need to install in python is done through this pip. I think I have spent 1/2 hour trying to figure out how to do this @@$#^%.

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What doesn’t serve me, doesn’t bother me.

I just saw the new book released at the YouTube channel examinfo and I thought, is it not possible that we dedicate ourselves to rescue the memories of our ancestors without so much hatred in our hearts?
Would it not be possible to give value to our productions, to our heroes, to our symbols without distilling hatred and grief towards anybody else? Filling ourselves with love and only this. Doing so for love. Understanding that we can not change the past, but we can build a distinct future through our actions in the present.
Understanding that we are not victims if we don’t see ourselves as such. We are the owners of our lives. We do not need to put our lives in the hand of the others.
We can progress by focusing on what we can do. On what we can control. Which is our actions, our behaviors, our responses. Concentrating our attention and will solely on achieving a better life. A life we deserve. And on making the others’ lives good as well.
From now own, I am just focusing on what can take me to the next level on my path towards my greatest version. Focusing on what I want. Focusing on what I deserve.
What doesn’t serve me, doesn’t bother me.

Building a job aligned with my values

I am growing … not old. I am just growing. Becoming each day better. Each day more aware of who I am. Knowing strengths and weaknesses. And now, I have just realized that I want a life aligned with my news values. Those that I have been incorporating in my daily life from November 2016 on.

The first one is that there is no separation between anyone of us. We are all the same. Blessed and infinite beings in our way for becoming our greatest versions (even if some of us are not aware of it).Read More »

Feeling as a fake?

I have always wanted to save the world. But never really planned how I would save myself first.

Yesterday I was talking to Hensley a good friend that I met in the Netherlands, and I was talking about my new goals in life. I said that I am on my way to build my freedom. And that afterwards, I would concentrate on helping other people to do the same. But them I just felt I did not have the conviction that I would expect from such a declaration. It felt a bit like fake to me. Do I want to help people? Or it is just my ego playing the game of :”I want to feel that I am very important and cool”?

What do I want really? I do not want to doubt. I do not want to doubt.

I want to do things as I wish. Not doubting. Not afraid of the outcomes. Not afraid of being lonely and poor. I want to embrace life. Embrace abundance. Embrace my flow.

Respect who I am. And integrate the consciousness that I can be anything at any time. I am not attached to one single identity. I am everything. And that’s it.

Economia Circular vs. Simbiose Industrial – seria o comeco do fim da SI? [Editado]

A razão da existência da simbiose industrial (SI) está no contraponto à logica de produção linear. Surgiu como uma analogia das relações de simbiose na natureza – conceito oriundo da Biologia.

Dessa forma, a SI tem sido estudada e aplicada em contextos onde ocorre a geração de resíduo e, em seguida, sua destinação é realizada sem aproveitamento de um eventual valor econômico do mesmo. A SI então chega para colocar ordem na casa e explorar potenciais de reaproveitamento do material/energia/recurso rejeitado.

Até alguns poucos anos atrás, o conceito de economia circular (EC) também seguia essa ideia: valorizar o que as tecnologias de produção então desenvolvidas consideravam rejeito. Era basicamente um sinônimo de Simbiose Industrial, ou melhor, o resultado obtido a partir da aplicação dos princípios da SI. Atualmente essa ideia com relação à EC mudou, ou posso dizer também que surgiram outras definições/abordagens para esse termo. Read More »