The sugar and ethanol industry in Brazil


This post is aimed at understanding the structure of the sugar and ethanol industry all over the world with a more focused gaze in Brazil. The question on my mind is: what if we go increasing resolution from the global level to the local level (in Brazil)? Ok. First we will start with the sugar production (click the image to go to original website).

Source: Statista (click on the image)

From the 195 countries in the world today(1), 121 produce sugar. What is the role played by Brazil in this market? And what are the consequences for the smaller producers? These and other questions are going to be discussed here, beginning with this post.

Here is the world (click the image to go to original website):

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A sustainable perspective for sugarcane industry. Will that ever be possible?

We are talking about an industry which competitiveness is historically attached to a slaver structure. Up to current times there are serious issues regarding the labor conditions at sugarcane crops, not to mention atmospheric emissions due to the burning process that precedes harvesting and soil & water pollution due to the use of agrochemicals.

I would see investigation assessing in which context(s) this industry would be [really] sustainably competitive. I mean, Read More »