I am a guitar

This is a very special moment in my life. Ok, all moments in my life are special. hahaha

But this is a great moment indeed. The moment I am leaving he cocoon. Gently. Calmly. Sweetly. With some bounces back, but going on consistently.

I am learning how to play the most special instrument ever. Myself. I have just realized how close to a musical instrument I am. And that I have to know this instrument well in oder to take the most beautiful song from it.

This insight came while I was touching myself… Giving myself pleasure.

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No, thanks.

I am all about taking the planet Earth to a higher frequency level.

I am sorry but once I have discovered what this existence is all about, I am not coping with the matrix anymore.

To be honest, I stopped coping in the moment I gave up TV 8 years ago.

I am an engineer. I am a scientist. I love the world and I am here for turning it into a more peaceful and loveFULL place.

The world we experiece is a mental creation. Our thoughts create our reality.

But I started this text to summarize what I am leaving behind as I am unveiling the curtains of my life purpose.

I am here to tackle issues beyond the illusion. Anything other than that is waste of time and energy for me.

What I mean about beyond illusion?

Beyond the belief on scarcity and competition. Beyond the idea that we need added-sugar and animal-based food to be healthy. Beyond the idea that climate change is the main challenge of today’s society and that modern bio-based economy is the only way out. Beyond fear. Beyond frontiers – the greatest illusion ever.

I am all about uncovering and creating abundance.


I am creating my own world. A world where science is in the service of Health Abundance and Love. This is the foundation stone of Ori – Science in service of Health, Abundance and Love.

I am sorry but I am not living to survive. Not anymore.  I am in the creation mode. I am born to create. I am born to be free. I am born to elevate. I am born to succeed.

This is the only way baby.