Eating or creating?

I don’t know if it happens with a lot of people, but for me it is becoming almost impossible to eat while I am working. And also to eat when I am about to work.

I can not focus well on what I am doing. I feel that I am not giving my maximum because I have to divide the attention between eating and working (writing, reading, programming, thinking, feeling the creation). And I am arriving to a point where I really ponder if it is worth to eat considering how concentrated I am in my work and what I could get done if only I would not stop to eat in that specific moment.  My approach is to stop and imagine the potential outcomes of both choices. Sometimes I do prefer not to eat.

I am arriving to a point where I feel relief every saturday because I know the next day is Sunday – my fasting day – and I know I will be able to have a lot of work done simply because I will not have to bother with eating. It is just keeping hydration with water and focusing on my writing, reading, thinking, modeling, meditating… (Omg. It is such a relief…)

The thing is that I like to eat. I like to feel the food flavour in my mouth. I feel pleasure through the flavour of food and the sensations that eating makes me feel. So, it works like a scape from the problems. From the “to do’s”. And as such, many times I overeat. Not to think. Not to worry. To feel so overwhelmed that there’s no space for my existential issues…

But also, it lets no space for my creativity either. Read More »