Using Python for Agent-based modeling – the beginning of a quest of a Windows 7 Enterprise user (in 8 steps)

First challenge: Figure out how to install it in the university computer. I have gone through some comes and goes… but here I am going to explain straightforwardly – to save your time.

Procedure bellow

1. Go to ==> Put the mouse of “Downloads” ==> Get the newer version (in my case 3.6.0 – and it is worth to mention that MESA only runs on versions >= 3) ==> Run the exe file “python-3.6.0.exe”
Python installed.
But it is not enough. You now need the “pip” in order to be able to install the Agent-based-modelling application. And it is done through the command
window from the windows. Everything you need to install in python is done through this pip. I think I have spent 1/2 hour trying to figure out how to do this @@$#^%.

First you need to know where you Python is located.Read More »

It’s R-Evolution, baby!!

I came here to get ahead with my PhD.

My spiritual mentor advised me to learn Dutch and to be confident that everything would go out fine. Now I feel like everything going on the other way around. And now I see the source of this situation.

I let the scholarship problem affect my goals. I allowed it to control my life. This is what  life is all about. I am not a subject, I am a co-creator.

I had a plan…Read More »

And afterall

I am in a process of learning to take care about myself.

Learning to love myself 100%.

Learning to have self respect. Learning .

I have to know myself and love myself.

But I started this post to talk about the process that took me to where I am now. Here in The Netherlands. I was working on my modeling until the first half of January. Then I stopped to focus on the potential partnership with Andrea. We had an other meeting on the 1st of February and now we had this meeting today, that did not go as Igor expected.Read More »


O trabalho cientifico para mim est√° conectado ao meu potencial criativo.
√Č poesia e pesquisa na veia.¬†√Č l√≥gica e sensibilidade.¬†√Č uma teia de possibilidades.

Doutorado – o tempo passou e aqui estou

Finalmente estou em paz com o doutorado. Esse dia chegou.

Sentindo que finalmente cheguei no ponto de simplesmente conclui-lo. Da maneira que der. Da maneira que for.

Em paz com Alessandra. Em paz com Igor. Em paz comigo.

Consciente e “sentimente” do papel dessa jornada academica na minha vida. Quantos aprendizados minha gente. Quantos aprendizados. Quantos tapas na cara. hahahah Quantas voltas no mundo. Quanta alegria estar sentindo tudo isso agora. Obrigada, Cosmos. Obrigada.Read More »