I am a guitar

This is a very special moment in my life. Ok, all moments in my life are special. hahaha

But this is a great moment indeed. The moment I am leaving he cocoon. Gently. Calmly. Sweetly. With some bounces back, but going on consistently.

I am learning how to play the most special instrument ever. Myself. I have just realized how close to a musical instrument I am. And that I have to know this instrument well in oder to take the most beautiful song from it.

This insight came while I was touching myself… Giving myself pleasure.

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A child in an aging body

There is a power that is unleashed from me every time I listen to a song that I like.

It is a feeling of greatness. Of extreme happiness. That I had forgotten about during this cocoon period I am leaving from.


Anyone who had known me three years ago would not recognize me. I simply stopped listening to music. Life became so gray in the inside that I forgot this amazing source of joy and fulfilment that music is to me. I shout, I dance, I pretend I am the best singer and the best player ever… in fact, in that exact moment I am! (Excuse me, but I create my reality the way I want! hahahah).

I am writing this post because I would like to share the impact that seeing life from the shadow side had on me. I became another person. Omg.

Also it is now teaching me how important it is for me to keep closure with what makes me feel happy. Music, trying new plant based, raw and living food ideas, yoga, roller skating…

I am seeing the relevance of keeping nourishing the child I carry inside.

This is not something to be afraid of. This is something to feel amazing about.

The truth is that we are all eternal children in bodies that age.