My abilities are for me to flow not to suffer

These days, I have been connected with it and today everything made sense.

My intelligence, my fast thinking, my engineering background, my language skills… these are all abilities that are meant to make me flow with ease. They are not my life challenges. They are resources.

For so many years I have been mistaking them for my real life purpose… so much time and energy on it…

and they are not.

They are in fact my passport to a smooth and comfortable life… the means for me to smile and keep on moving… not suffering… being thankful instead.

I don’t need to fear.

My real challenge resides in the understanding of what life is all about. Resides in understanding who am I. In getting to know deeper and deeper the pathway and purpose of my soul on planet Earth.

I came here to relax. To be calm. And wake up.

Hence, my real challenges reside in meditation and connection with my higher self. In understanding and living upon a deeply ingrained feeling of self-worth and joy.

I am worthy. No matter what.

My real challenges reside in understanding what Love is all about and living upon it.

Discovering self-love.

Understanding self-love.

And existing upon self-love.

This is my life purpose. This is where my energy must be invested in most of my time.

The PhD and my professional life are gifts.

They are blessings meant to make my life flow calmly and smoothly while I learn what I have to learn. And live what I have to live in order to achieve what I have to achieve. That is an expanded consciousness. An integrated existence with my body, mind, and soul. Understanding the power of my DNA. The power of being my own oracle. Connected with the creative source of the Universe.

Being human and being boundless.

All is one.

And I am grateful.


They know it all

When I went to The Netherlands, I expected to find people dumb on the human side. Unskilled to understand “real life” problems. Lost in their paradise of dignity and life quality. But I was chocked to experience exactly the opposite. They knew it all. About emotions, about human fragility. About stress. About science. It was like if they were ages ahead of Brazilian society, as here we still are struggling to make social burdens as racism, sexism, depression, stress, pollution taken really seriously but the government and institutions like the academy.

My persception is that they somehow overcame this stage where we find ourselves now to build a society were people look at themselves in the eyes. Where people smile at you in the stores, in the streets, in the parks. Where people do not ask you “why not?” if you say you do not want to do something. They will simply say “ok”. They understand that you know more about yourself than anybody else and then that you know better what you need.

Also, it doesn’t matter how inteligent you are or are not. How boring you are or are not. People will always treat you with respect. They will talk to you respectfully and listen well to each word that leaves your mouth. Even if the do not understand it. They will listen and smile. They will point out the positive aspects of your presentations. They will make interested questions on that one thing that they found valuable in your work.

What a life experience.

It seems to me that they have a deeper notion of what being human is all about, so that they do not take that so seriously. They are aware of the ups and downs. They are aware that the world goes around. That anything can happen and that nothing is the end of the world. And that life is not only work.

I then slipped on my sandals of humility, and I became eager to learn as much as possible from them.

We are the wasted. Deluded by the need to be better than the other and worst: that to do so we need to undermine the other. Enprisioned in a slave mindset, believing we need to suffer to thrive. And believing in punishment as a mean to education…

… when all we need is love.


A child in an aging body

There is a power that is unleashed from me every time I listen to a song that I like.

It is a feeling of greatness. Of extreme happiness. That I had forgotten about during this cocoon period I am leaving from.


Anyone who had known me three years ago would not recognize me. I simply stopped listening to music. Life became so gray in the inside that I forgot this amazing source of joy and fulfilment that music is to me. I shout, I dance, I pretend I am the best singer and the best player ever… in fact, in that exact moment I am! (Excuse me, but I create my reality the way I want! hahahah).

I am writing this post because I would like to share the impact that seeing life from the shadow side had on me. I became another person. Omg.

Also it is now teaching me how important it is for me to keep closure with what makes me feel happy. Music, trying new plant based, raw and living food ideas, yoga, roller skating…

I am seeing the relevance of keeping nourishing the child I carry inside.

This is not something to be afraid of. This is something to feel amazing about.

The truth is that we are all eternal children in bodies that age.

Updating. Integrating. And moving on.

Yesterday I got four news that told me subliminally: keep on moving, you are on your life path.

The first was the announcement of having achieved over 100 “likes” in my facebook page. Amazing. Amazing for me. A person that sometime ago was completely closed to world. Full of sorrows, jealousy and bitterness. Seeing everyone as competitors trying to pull my rug.

Sometime ago, I was putting so much value in each line I would write that I barely could share my ideas in social media. Because of fear. I was afraid of being judged. Of being thought as silly. Of being harassed. Of being worthy of pity. (Now I know that the source of all that fear was myself. I was the one to first judge and harass me before hand.)

So, I got really happy that there are at least 100 supporters out there. Seeing value on my opening process. Willing to pay attention on what I say and do. Thank you, guys.

The second announcement was having achieved 20 “likes” in this blog. 🙂

Needless to say how I have felt.  Thank you also, dearests. ♥

Then, my cousin sent a message to me saying that she being interviewed by the bigger TV channel in the city about the great work she’s been doing on educating lower income young people was the result of a conversation we’ve had years ago. She was inspired by my words… (and I astonished by the unexpected effects of unpretentious (but passionate) words.). It was feeling that I do not know how to explain. A mix of surprise, joy and love.

Finally, in the evening, I received a message from this friend for the first time in almost one year I left Brazil. She sent me a picture of a hydroponic lettuce she and her husband are raising in their apartment. Below the picture she expressed happiness and gratitude saying that I inspired them. Omg.

Small facts, but with great meanings for me. And I don’t take anything for granted.

Everything in this world happens for a reason. Nothing in life is by chance.

Again: “Viqui, you are on the right path. Keep on moving. Keep on feeling. Keep on being.”

Thanks, Universe.