My abilities are for me to flow not to suffer

These days, I have been connected with it and today everything made sense.

My intelligence, my fast thinking, my engineering background, my language skills… these are all abilities that are meant to make me flow with ease. They are not my life challenges. They are resources.

For so many years I have been mistaking them for my real life purpose… so much time and energy on it…

and they are not.

They are in fact my passport to a smooth and comfortable life… the means for me to smile and keep on moving… not suffering… being thankful instead.

I don’t need to fear.

My real challenge resides in the understanding of what life is all about. Resides in understanding who am I. In getting to know deeper and deeper the pathway and purpose of my soul on planet Earth.

I came here to relax. To be calm. And wake up.

Hence, my real challenges reside in meditation and connection with my higher self. In understanding and living upon a deeply ingrained feeling of self-worth and joy.

I am worthy. No matter what.

My real challenges reside in understanding what Love is all about and living upon it.

Discovering self-love.

Understanding self-love.

And existing upon self-love.

This is my life purpose. This is where my energy must be invested in most of my time.

The PhD and my professional life are gifts.

They are blessings meant to make my life flow calmly and smoothly while I learn what I have to learn. And live what I have to live in order to achieve what I have to achieve. That is an expanded consciousness. An integrated existence with my body, mind, and soul. Understanding the power of my DNA. The power of being my own oracle. Connected with the creative source of the Universe.

Being human and being boundless.

All is one.

And I am grateful.

That simple.


I do not have plans.

I do not have goals.

I do what I feel.

I go with the flow.

This is my natural state.

As a force of nature.

A tree does not wonder.

If its going to grow greater.

It grows, it flourishes.

As for this purpose it exists.

Limits it never acknowledges.

Limits it never sees.