Feeling as a fake?

I have always wanted to save the world. But never really planned how I would save myself first.

Yesterday I was talking to Hensley a good friend that I met in the Netherlands, and I was talking about my new goals in life. I said that I am on my way to build my freedom. And that afterwards, I would concentrate on helping other people to do the same. But them I just felt I did not have the conviction that I would expect from such a declaration. It felt a bit like fake to me. Do I want to help people? Or it is just my ego playing the game of :”I want to feel that I am very important and cool”?

What do I want really? I do not want to doubt. I do not want to doubt.

I want to do things as I wish. Not doubting. Not afraid of the outcomes. Not afraid of being lonely and poor. I want to embrace life. Embrace abundance. Embrace my flow.

Respect who I am. And integrate the consciousness that I can be anything at any time. I am not attached to one single identity. I am everything. And that’s it.