Happy anniversary

Yesterday it was the first time we saw each other after we met.

Two months later. Precisely.

It was so nice. So nice to see him again.

And now he had a beard. A messy (and sexy) beard… (omg, i’m so like this! hahaha)

I am writing this post to help me keep his image in my mind.

I feel that I did not look at him enough and I fear that his face fades away in my volatile mind.

I do not want this to happen…

Anyways, this post is truly to talk about the lessons I’ve learnt from yesterday’s skype session with the free and amazing electron.

I felt that I was a bit nervous. Answering things right away. Not giving myself the time to digest and feel and then say something else…. but humm.. thinking better now, I indeed have given this time sometimes… and I am happy about it.

But yeah, I still have this feeling that we could be more in silence. That I could stare more at him… spending more time just and solely looking at him. Trying to engrave his authenticity, his curiosity, his fascination (and his messy beard) in my soul. But conversation hampers it. ‘Cause I turn my focus on connecting with my truth to answer to his inquiries with honesty…

Yeah… Attention is a limited resource indeed.

Hence, I am learning that I am still not so easy to be in the vulnerable mode and that I still need to make some effort just to be. But I have to recognize that I’ve been making a huge progress. And this acknowledgement is part of it.

I hope to be more grounded next time. But I also know that life is always timely unfolding. ♥

Lots of gratitude, Cosmos.