When you expect a carousel but find out a roller coaster.


If you want still waters,

Please do not come near.

In this bold waterfall,

They are likely to disappear.

I live with intensity

‘Cause I know I deserve it all.

I can feel my amazingness,

When I see you silence and withdraw.

But I can also feel your amazingness

When I look deep in your eyes

Their grace and shrewdness

Are about to take me to the skies.

So take your time and take a breathe.

Unwinding slowly goes the universe.




Why postpone?

– What are you going to do after the PhD?

– After the PhD?

I’ll be all about me.

After the PhD, I’ll become my best friend.

I’ll give the life a chance.

I’ll fall into a romance.

I’ll be peace in every instance.

After the PhD, I may work as a volunteer.

Maybe becoming a pioneer.

And compensate for all these years.

After the PhD, I may not get a post-doc.

I’ll be in the mode “Lovers Rock”.

Gathering myself and taking stock…

Becoming whole with my body, feelings and thoughts.


Why after the PhD?

Until there who knows how life is gonna be?

So I rather not lose the touch.

The here and now is all that I have got.