Personal Manifesto

I am finally realizing why did it take so long to me to enter in this “always creating” mode. I just can not help it. The ideas come. And they keep on coming. And I am always excited. And wanting to spread them to all over the world.

I am sat in the toilet and just can not stop writing. Thinking. Creating.

My whole life is a quest – just like everyone else’s is. But now I finally have found what I was looking for. I have found myself. I have found my love.

As a “black woman”, I was raised to be “the best” (in comparison with whom??). As an “engineer” I was trained to be efficient and profitable. But as a human (and infinite) being I am learning to be myself. I do not have time to lose.

I am seeing that the state of the world today is simply the product of our disconnection from ourselves. From our inner self, our true authentic being, and our true and unique nature.

Humanity has bought the scarcity and separation discourse. And it has been plunged into suffering and fear ever since.

We have forgotten the universal principles that our ancestors have once mastered. The first one being “Know thyself” – as written in the walls of Kemetic pyramids. We do not know who we really are. We buy very expensively the idea that we: (1) were born in a country (race, religion…), (2) to fight for our survival, (3) to work and compete with others, (4) to finally be able to reproduce, and, if lucky, (5) retire.

I do not really know why, but I have never fully accepted such life recipe. There always was something inside of me. An unexplained uneasiness with all this predicaments. I have always been boundless. (Now I remember how my parents got surprised about how comfortable I felt with anyone. Going to parties with only white people and dancing and having fun and talking to people so naturally. Because they had tought me that I was different for being black. But it seems that for some reason I did not buy that discourse (except when it came about love affairs, but this is subject for another talk).) I have always been so natural. I think was born like this.

The issue is that today I finally can say that I have found my passion. My love. Myself. My world.

I am all about being effective. To make changes come true. To change my life and help other people to change their lives for real.

And it is also true in my scientific life. I am a researcher. Regardless of having a doctoral degree. I am a researcher because I was born a researcher. A searcher.

But the situation is that in my academic field I am supposed to embrace the climate change, scarcity, fear and “fight for survival” discourse. [Maybe not. Maybe it is just the pressure that I used to put over myself. But this is how I saw things indeed…]

The issue is that I embraced it. This discourse. But it seems that the universe had something else reserved for me. Because in the moment that I would live such discourse to its full extent, I lost, I failed, I fell. I fell and reached the deep bottom of the well.

In that moment I could not understand why. My spiritual mentor just said “What you wanted did not happen because it was not supposed to happen. Keep on moving. Don’t give up.” And it is what I have done. And here I am. Completely transformed. Com-ple-te-ly.

[Now I see the world with the eyes of love, compassion and understanding. Thanks to Ze, Ana, Ro Amonet, Bayyinah Bello, Ralph Smart. My mentors. Thanks to the Universe. Thansk to the Spiritual Beings that have chosen to be with me throughout my life, helping me out. Giving me guidance and love. ]

These changes echoe in my professional life as well.

I simply can not work with something else than freeing the world from the illusion of  scarcity, separation and competition. I simply can not work with something else than Love. The key to unlock ourselves from this deadly prison of disease, wars and fear.

“We are powerful beyond measure” (Ralph Smart). We were born to be free. Today. All life forms in the planet deserve freedom, health and happiness since the day they were born. And that’s what I live upon.

This is my life purpose. And it starts with myself.

My vision is then to take this perspective to a more relevant level in scientific and political terms through research and practice:

  • to show that there is no point on not having meditation and self-knowledge classes at schools. Their effectiveness for building more peaceful, inspiring and creative environments are already proved. They should be part of regular curricula indeed.
  • to show that there is no point on not having a plant-based diet if we are about living happier and healthier.
  • and finally to show that love, abundance and health are the cheapest ways towards peace, sustainability and progress. And that they are unattainable without self-knowledge, self-love and inner peace.

It might seem utopical, but there are a lot of people doing beautiful and great things in this direction already.

And…to be honest, if my mind can conceive it, I can achieve it.

One step at a time.

There is no rush on the scale of Eternal.