Every human being on Earth is building peace within him/herself and nurturing self-acceptance and self-love (the inability to deliberately cause self-harm).

vic na flor de lotus com bolinhas

Since April 13th 2017, I’ve been sharing my daily evening meditation practice with the world.

Nine months ago I became a regular meditator and it has changed my life for the better.

At the same time, I realized how challenging it is to maintain a regular (daily) practice, so that I have decided to keep my motivation by helping other people interested on making meditation part of their daily life but need some additional push. ūüôā

The livestream can be watched through Instagram (@viquiiiiiiii) or Facebook.

I start the introduction sessions briefly talking about what is meditation and how it has been influencing my daily life. Then I explain how to meditate: what to do first, and second, and third, and… I also point out what to do when the thoughts get crazy inside (it happens very often!) and when feeling cramps or pain due to the time in stillness. This introductory part takes aprox. 20 minutes.

In the next minute (the minute 21), we make silence and meditate together, applying what was explained (or meditating in one’s own way).

By following the Instagram @viquiiiiiiii or liking the Facebook page you can see my daily announcements for the sessions, but If you want to know the weekly schedule, please access the timetable below.

It is worth to mention that the introductory sessions are held in English, Portuguese and Spanish. So, follow up on the timetable to know in what language the session is going to be held today.


And here we go, livestreaming silence and inner peace daily. ♥ Namaste.

Art by Bia Watanabe.


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