Do it anyway

I am at the workshop of the foundation Students4Sustainability @TUDelft and the message I am absorbing us do it. Do it anyway. I was caught up at the “and if if it doesn’t work?”. Well truly I have done a couple of things… but as I got older I started feeling afraid of taking risks. Well, i did take some risks. But my passion was always changing.

Well…this text is to reflex and feel kver what am i supposed to do. I can do whatever I want. Go for it.

In fact i have always put myself out of my comfort zone. But with distinct focus. But always searching. I am a searcher. It is time to give a step further. Open my company. Materialize projects. Receive money for my knowledge.


4 thoughts on “Do it anyway

  1. chegou a hora, vic! acho que depois de muito caminhar, chega uma hora que é a de realizar. realizar coisas que toda essa caminhada vem nos preparando e que agora faz tudo parecer tem um certo sentido (pois das várias coisas feitas antes, eu acredito que muitas pareciam às vezes não ter muita conexão). beijo!!!

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