Building a job aligned with my values

I am growing … not old. I am just growing. Becoming each day better. Each day more aware of who I am. Knowing strengths and weaknesses. And now, I have just realized that I want a life aligned with my news values. Those that I have been incorporating in my daily life from November 2016 on.

The first one is that there is no separation between anyone of us. We are all the same. Blessed and infinite beings in our way for becoming our greatest versions (even if some of us are not aware of it).

The second is that there are not boundaries on Earth. This is just an illusion. We are all sisters and brothers sharing the same planet. There no separation. Boundaries, races and all other labels are just our creation. There is not an universal law separating us. This is just an illusion from our ego. When we are born, we are born just as beings on Earth. The labels are put by our parents, our relatives, our friends and our society. And without us asking for it. We are born without the notion of difference. We only notice existence.  In fact when we are conceived. We are only beings in nature.

So, my daily life is grounded in these beliefs.

The third: everything is possible. Everything is possible. Everything is possible. Limitations are an illusion. We are infinite. And reality is a matter of perspective. It depends on what we are tuned into.

The fourth: we know who we are. Each of us have this knowledge inside ourselves. Our body, our veins, our heart, our intuition, they know everything. We know what we came here to do. But as we grow old in an environment of illusion we learn to separate ourselves from all this. So, (Re)connection is the only way out.

Related to this is the fifth value, the one regarding our uniqueness. We are unique. Each of us is unique. There is no one like us in the 510.100.000 km² of the Earth surface. I am unique. And I am embracing this uniqueness. So, competition is an illusion. There is no need to compete with anyone in the world. Anyone. Besides ourselves. Each of us has a unique design. And there are resources enough on Earth for each of us to realize what we are designed for.

This is so beautiful. I am so happy.


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