It’s R-Evolution, baby!!

I came here to get ahead with my PhD.

My spiritual mentor advised me to learn Dutch and to be confident that everything would go out fine. Now I feel like everything going on the other way around. And now I see the source of this situation.

I let the scholarship problem affect my goals. I allowed it to control my life. This is what  life is all about. I am not a subject, I am a co-creator.

I had a plan…

But, believing that I would have a savior, I just gave up of this plan to bet my chips on the savior belief. Fortunately a have some chips left. But in fact I have changed a lot after I became a vegan. It has been a real  revolution. Since that day when I decided to open myself in facebook. I was on the 7-day vegan challenge set by Ralph Smart (from @InfiniteWaters). I remember that before I was listening to Bayyinah Bello lectures. And listening to books on the black people history. Full of tension. Full of passion. Full of resentments. And then Fernanda travelled… and I re-started meditating for 1 hour. And I decided to do the 7-day vegan challenge. And I was on the 21-day why deserve success challenge (set by my coach Rosangela Canazaro). And I was on the 31-day Afrikan yoga challenge (set by Pablo Imani). All at once! huahauhauha Just now I am realizing it. I revolutionized my life. I have just checked, I started the 7-day vegan challenge on November 27th 2016. And the 21-day why deserve success started on November 21st 2016. And Fernanda traveled on this week to spend 3 weeks with her boyfriend.

It’s R-Evolution, baby!! hahaha

Now I feel that everything that happens with me has a purpose. I am not alone. I am never alone. So, I am accepting the facts and the people I meet. I am learning. I am moving on.

I am moving on on what I believe and on what I have. What is mine is already mine.

My vision:

Being free. Free to do whatever I want whenever I want. Meditate and practice yoga at least for two hours daily. Keep my plant-based diet. Have unconditional & positive self-regard. Have real positive impact in the life of people. Have a lifestyle that nurtures, celebrates and cherish life. Every kind of life.


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