And afterall

I am in a process of learning to take care about myself.

Learning to love myself 100%.

Learning to have self respect. Learning .

I have to know myself and love myself.

But I started this post to talk about the process that took me to where I am now. Here in The Netherlands. I was working on my modeling until the first half of January. Then I stopped to focus on the potential partnership with Andrea. We had an other meeting on the 1st of February and now we had this meeting today, that did not go as Igor expected.

What should I learn from this whole story? How did I let things come to this end? How did I managed the things with my scholarship cancellation in Brazil? I let them go to far with it. It took me 2 months (not that much because I was enjoying Victor’s visit). But I am a bit annoyed because I have put myself in the place of a victim again. Accepting all advises before listening to my own.

I know more about myself right now and I am thankful for all the way I came through to turn out to be who I am now. After a challenging situation, I do not accept the first salvation at hand. The instinct of survival. Believe in Abundance, this is our real nature.

I did all I had to do. And I am really grateful. Let’s move on.

Now I remember that I came so focused. And my focus turned upside down from December  2016 on. I am taking care of myself, but my freedom comes first.


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