Building Trust

Building trust – an important theme for my PhD


Great paper by Richard M. Locke(to download it click “cached” in the link provided):

This paper [argues] that trust can be created, even in contexts void of the supposed prerequisites and /or preconditions underlying it. It has sought to illustrate this argument through two case vignettes of collective action among producers in Southern Italy and Northeast Brazil. Although both cases presented in this paper centered on the food/agricultural industry, my other research includes similar cases of cooperation among producers in the shoe, garment, jewelry and machine tool industries. In short, the outcomes observed are in no may particular to or derivative of the two sectors described above.

What all these cases share is the process through which trust was built among them. Although the initial challenges facing fruit exporters in Petrolina-Juazeiro and mozzarella manufacturers in Campania were different, the underlying thrust of their problems was the same: failure to…

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