I sat in my laurels

I was attached to that image of myself. Intelligent. That have learnt Japanese on decade ago. That learned a bit of french. Things that I use to feel full of myself. But if anyone ask me to have a conversation, it will be bellow a child level.

I see today that that is no point on impress the others.I have to impress myself and go for what I want. Follow the steps towards the achievement of my own vision.

One thing I know, I get everything I want. Everything. (Well, everything that is supposed to be mine according to my purpose in this life episode of course)

But yeah, no more resting in laurels. No more living upon who I was. I am a different person today. I am a different person each day.

In fact, I do a lot of new things yet. I kind of feel strange because I am not in a hurry anymore. Trying to impress other people. Striving to have prestige. I am on my way towards myself. And everything is very new for me in this episode. So be pacient with yourself, Vic. You are on a plant-based diet. You meditate for 2 hous everyday. You do yoga everyday – you have learnt the moon salutation :). You are sharing your experiences in this blog and on the YouTube channel EuInvestigadoradeMim. So, take it ease my sister. Everybody knows you are a hurricane. So allow yourself to be!


4 thoughts on “I sat in my laurels

  1. please don’t sell yourself, vicccc!! hahahah
    to impress others is like “running to catch the wind”. It is an empty competition… with some brief great moments.
    i think you are in a good way! =)

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