This is not for you!! (from a Pearl Jam lover XD)

You might think this post is about the Pearl Jam song. But no. It is not. XD

It is about meditation. Yes, me-di-ta-tion.

I just decided not to lie/hide about anything anymore. If I do not agree and I do not to want to state it clearly in a particular moment, I remain in silence.

So, I am not hiding from anyone that I am a spiritual seeker and that I meditate. Yes I meditate. In the academy it seems to be something “unachievable”. And when I hear somebody saying “Meditation?? It is not for me.” I just remember how I was 3 years ago. I used to say the same. Even after 2 years of daily yoga practices I was not able to meditate. So, my case is an evidence that meditation is FOR EVERYONE.

The first step is to stop resisting.

Well, in my case, I threw myself into a spiritual retreat. 8 days of 2 hours meditation daily. And then I discovered that meditation is all I came here to do in planet earth. I discovered that I have been on this quest for several episodes (how the mentor of the retreat called past lives). And I discovered that I should turn my normal life into a spiritual retreat. So, last year I decided to make it come true.

But I am not here to talk about it. I just wanted to say that MEDITATION IS FOR EVERYONE. Believe me.


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