Old patterns that come into play

I am not a victim. I am a creator.

Life does not occurs to me. Life reacts to me. Life echoes my beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.

I have to repeat it to myself. Over, over and over again.

I just had a nice talk with a colleague regarding his presentation and we just realized that we had a lot of ideas in common. Shared perspectives and shared goals.

It was ok.

But then I started thinking that he is white and that he was more likely to prosper than me due to his condition. And the scarcity mentality came into play again. 

This is the way how I used to think. I used to think like this and as a consequence started to hide my ideas in order for them not to be “stolen”. hahahahaha as if ideas where exclusive. After all I realized that it is not the idea that makes the difference, but the action towards the materialization of that idea. So, that is no point of hiding something. Later on you discover that someone else had that same idea (without talking to you) and applied it.

Also, that is no point of hiding ideas or scarcely thinking that we are competing with each other. We are not! If each of us just tackle into our own pathway, we will never compete. Only cooperate. Each of us have our own pathway. And the only person we should strive to be better than each day is who we were yesterday (Thanks, Ralph!!).

That’s it.

So, Victoria, keep on focusing on your own pathway. This is all that matters. And think about other people as partners. As those that will give you support for you to keep on the pathway of your purpose (even the unpleasant ones). Because this is what they really are.


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