Say the truth, they say. But I say: what is the truth?? – Awareness of the truth in the everyday life

Write about the meeting with Andrea.

I separated the questions of my thesis because I thought they would like it better.

Later on, I was not honest on the answer. Saying that it could be both. I tackled to my ego instead of simply saying that I have changed because of the comments I have received but that the original question was with both biorefinery and IS together. This was the truth.

It is hard to say the real and deep truth when I am addicted to sustain my ego. It is even hard to be aware of the truth when something happens. Only later, when I reflect about it, I make contact with the real and deep truth.

That`s why I am giving priority to write things down. Because I can experience, even in a mental level, the truth. And then make my body comfortable to uncovering it. So that in the next times, I can maybe be aware and even have the opportunity to choose.


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